5 Perfect Recovery Meals for Your Workouts

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Emily Newhook is the outreach coordinator for the MHA degree program from The George Washington University, MHA@GW. Outside of work, she enjoys writing, film studies and powerlifting. Connect with her on Twitter and

If you aren’t choosing the right foods to eat after working out, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Certain foods can boost your immune system and help speed up your body’s recovery, allowing you to feel great even after doing an exorbitant amount of squats.

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Nancy Rose Performance Winner!

Photo courtesy of Nancy Rose Performance

The Nancy Rose Performance Wear Contest was really enjoyable. I love reading all of your different interests in fitness. Normally I do an old fashioned drawing by placing everyone’s name in a hat, but this time I used a computer program that randomly generates names for contest. That was far easier than writing all the names on scraps of paper. Should have thought of this before!

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Nancy Rose Performance Review and Fitness Clothes Giveaway!

Nancy Rose Performance
Since I train at home, I walk into the garage wearing some unusual outfits (especially when it’s cold outside). When Nancy Rose Performance contacted me regarding their workout clothes, I felt a little tingly. I could actual train in style!

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This is 34

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I turned 34 a few weeks back. It was one of those, “Oh, shit!” days. Not because I repudiate turning older. It doesn’t bother me. It was more, “Oh, shit. I have to stop doing stuff for one hour today and celebrate me. I’m not sure if I have the time or really even care.”

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Real Fitspiration

This article popped up in my Facebook feed earlier this morning on Marianne Kane’s page.


While I am not vehemently against these types of messages, I do see how they can mislead women looking to begin a journey toward better health. Yes, these can inspire. But how real are they? They are photos snagged from the web with transposed messages telling women to suck it up and get with the program.

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The Fittest Booties Dish Out Fave Jeans Picks

kellie hart davis fitness


Question: Why do women  who lift always wear workout clothes?

Answer: Because nothing else fits.

I know, fit girl problems, right? But when Black Eyed Peas asked me what I was going to do with all that junk in my trunk, I honestly did not know the answer.

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Hugely Discounted All-Access Membership for GetGlutes! This Week Only!

photo copyright flickr thejaybirdFrom September 1st through the 7th, Get Glutes is offering an all-access membership for $119! This gets you all the great content month in and month out, plus the support from our amazing community and access to your coaches for one low price.

We will keep the all-access membership after the 7th, but the price goes up to $179!

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Confession of a Shark Syndrome Sufferer

photo flickr Allan Lee

This morning I tiptoed into my son’s room to gather his clothes for the day. Though I was quiet, his little head popped out of his blanket cocoon and he gave me a big, “Hi, Mom!”
My kids ventured back to school today, and though I wasn’t sending them off while two-fisting martinis, I also wasn’t the teary mom who waited until the classroom doors closed before I moped back to my car.

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We Understand If You Don’t Love Lifting

photo: flickr Hebe Aguilera

Two online clients confessed to me the same thing this past week. They both had similar sentiments, beginning with, “I can’t imagine not working with you. I love how my body has transformed and I don’t want to stop training.” Then the expected but happened, “but I don’t like lifting.”

Anyone who wakes with a taste for iron may feel this is an utter strike against all humanity. The benefits of resistance training are numerous and trainers and lifters alike give virtual high-fives to weightlifting whenever possible.

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Interview with Examine.com Co-Founder Sol Orwell


Today’s post is an interview with Sol Orwell of Examine.com. If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you know I’m not big on supplements. For years my pantry was filled with different products– most of them half used or not even opened. I would fall for the hype, whether it was something I saw at the gym or something from a magazine. I believe that supplements played a large role in reaching my goals.

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