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I am so glad you’ve decided to join me on the Mother Fitness Revolution. My name is Kellie Davis, and not long ago I stood in a very lonely place. I was unhappy with my body and my lifestyle. I let my schedule rule my days and put everyone’s needs in front of my own. One day I have an epiphany that changed my plan of action. I said to myself, “wake up, sister. This ain’t working and YOU need to fix it.”

Soon I began devouring every bit of diet and exercise literature out there. I cleaned out my pantry filled with processed fatty foods, and filled my fridge with fresh veggies and lean meat. I made a point to hit the gym at least 3 hours a week, and soon I saw results.

After I started seeing great progress, I decided to compete as an NPC Figure Athlete. Boy, was I in for a rough trek. I went down a rocky and narrow path that left me starved and depleted after my first show. From that point on, I realized that I was going about things all wrong. I needed to nourish my body from the inside out, rather than only focusing on what the mirror reflected.

The day I brought my son home I weighted 165 pounds.

Before photo Mother Fitness

This is me when I had my epiphany.

After 4 Months of Training Mother Fitness

This was me after 4 months of intense training.

I looked better than ever, but I felt run down and unhealthy. So, I decided to reflect on why I was making these changes. It wasn’t just because I wanted to look hot in a bikini. It wasn’t just because I wanted to feel good about how I looked. It was because I wanted to feel good when I woke up in the morning, be in better moods, have more energy for my husband and children, and be a strong, confident woman.

Once I got my priorities straight, things starting looking up. I trained for a second show on my own and felt really good about my overall healthy and fitness level. Here’s a photo of me during my second NPC Figure Competition. I placed 3rd in my class:

NPC Figure Competitor Kellie Davis

Winning 3rd Place at my second NPC show.

After my second show, it was time for more self-evaluation. I didn’t want my “ideal self” to get in the way of my real self. Essentially, I needed to stop letting my changes control me.

So, I came up with a personal philosophy to which I strongly adhere:

  • Competing is the reward for my hard work. I don’t work hard to compete.
  • I am a wife, a mother, a writer, a friend, a sister, a daughter, then a competitor. I will not let my competing interfere with the other important parts of my life.
  • I love my body. I eat to nourish it, to build and repair tissue, to improve the function of my vital organs, to provide energy for my day, to increase my longevity. I do not eat to deprive, to malnourish, to obsess, or to damage my body.
  • Training is a habit. It is a part of who I am. I go to the gym as part of my daily routine and do not alter my life around my gym schedule.

I stick to this philosophy every single day and always prioritize my life.

Everyday, I am grateful for my husband and kids who believe in me even when I doubted myself; who are the foundation of my very being.

Everyday, I am grateful for my true friends who provide daily laugher, joy, and comfort.

Everyday, I am grateful for my health.

Kellie Hart Davis, Mother Fitness Revolution

Kellie Davis Fitness DeadliftKellie Davis Fitness Squat

Kellie Davis Fitness SquatKellie Davis Tire Flip

Fitness Model Kellie Davis BikiniKellie Davis Glamour photo

Kellie Davis Model

Kellie Davis Mother Fitness

Kellie Davis is a freelance writer who lives in Texas with her husband and two children. She graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University, works as a professional writer and health coach.

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