Burn More Calories: Cardio With Your Kids

Mom Running with Kids

Get out there and play

If you’re anything like me, the thought of cardio makes you cringe. Every time I step on the treadmill at the gym, I end up staring at someone’s TV in front of me. How can these people watch “Cupcake Wars” and workout?

My favorite kind of cardiovascular exercise is child’s play. There’s nothing like getting out there with my kids and burning some calories. So, strap on your running shoes, and check out what I do to keep up with my kids.

Tag, You’re It!

Ever want to feel totally out of shape? Play a game of tag with your kids. If you think about it, tag is basically short bursts of sprinting (followed by long waves of heavy panting).

I take my kids to the park and we play a variety of tag games together. In 30-minutes time, I will have burned off my entire dinner. To make your cardio session even more challenging, invite the kids at the park to play along with you.

I am pretty fast and my kids are young, so I give them a good head start. This is where all the sprinting comes in. I let them run way ahead of me, and then I sprint out to catch up with them.

If you kids are really little, run butterfly patterns in the field rather than playing tag. Designate someone as the leader, and have her run around in various patterns. Then everyone else just follows suit.

Plan An Adventure

Next time you go out for a bike ride or walk, turn it into an adventure. I have my kids draw up a map of some kind. It always relates to our game: finding the lost kingdom, rocketing to Pluto, or looking for dinosaur bones.

Once our map is set, we head out on our excursion. This works well for walking, biking, or whatever mode of transportation your kids love.

I don’t have a bike, so I hop on my son’s razor scooter. The kids at the park always seem to get a kick out of that. We usually ride around for 30 to 40 minutes, providing a great cardio workout.

Turn Up The Music

Friday night dance parties are a hit at my house.  We crank up the tunes and rock out for hours. If you really want to get silly, play “freeze dance.”

Have someone in charge stop the music at random times. Everyone has to freeze when the music stops. I guarantee you will get a good abdominal workout from all of the giggles.

Just Have Fun

Don’t be one of “those” moms who sit around on the bench at the park. Get up and get out with your kids. You will burn a ton of calories and have a blast doing it. As an added bonus, you gain tons of quality family time that is good for the soul.

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