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My First PodCast and Strong Curves Update


If you haven’t joined Fitocracy yet, then get on it. It’s a wonderful site that not only allows you to track your workouts, but also earn points for your hard work, level up, join groups, get inspired, and meet amazing people.

Last week I was interviewed by Blackout Trainer and Dr. Black Jack from Fitocracy and it aired today. This is my first podcast interview and I have another schedule tomorrow. Good times!

You can check it out here and let me know what you think.


Also, Bret wrote a blog post last week announcing the update on Strong Curves. To get the full scoop, check out his post. For the condensed version, our book launch is April 2, 2013. We have a phenomenal team working on the project at Victory Belt Publishing and it’s going to be quite labor intensive. But when all is complete, you will truly appreciate all the hard work. It’s going to be awesome. Period.

Have a great week. If you have any topics you want me to cover on MotherFitness or in videos, please leave a comment below.


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bethenny frankel, skinnygirl

Bethenny Frankel Talks Healthy Living

It’s seems you can’t go to a party these days without seeing Skinngirl Cocktails in the drink menu. Television celeb Bethenny Frankel turned her passion for healthy living into an empire fit for a… well, skinny girl.

I couldn’t pass up the chance to learn how this best selling author gets ready for summer, fits healthy living into her busy schedule, and also chat it up about her new gig with OpenSky.


bethenny frankel, skinnygirl

Bethenny Frankel

You’re a new TV host, Founder of Skinnygirl, 4 time NY Times best selling author and chef, but if you had to describe yourself beyond that to someone, what would you say?

Well, I’m most definitely a businessperson, but I’m most proud of being a mother. Ever since I had Bryn, I make all my decisions based on what’s best for her so that’s how I define myself first now.


It seems like everybody’s biggest challenge for living a healthy lifestyle is time. What’s one simple thing time-starved women can fit into their day to live a healthier lifestyle?

What I tell women is there’s no way you can be the best mother, the best wife and the best businessperson if you’re running yourself ragged!

The best thing you can do to keep healthy is to keep hydrated. Even if you have one hand on your blackberry, your baby bouncing on your lap and your ear on a conference call, you can still manage a few quick swigs of water. I even struggle with it personally because I don’t love water, but your body needs it to detox and to keep things moving if you know what I mean. So my alternative is knocking back club soda.


Summer’s here so we’re all thinking about baring more skin. Can you share one of your best secrets for getting a more toned body?

There’s honestly no secret. I believe in watching what you eat and exercise in moderation. Otherwise you go on one of these crash weight-loss regimens and you give up by Day 4. You can’t keep it up! And then you end up beating yourself up. If I eat a burger for lunch, I’ll have a salad for dinner. If I don’t have time to do 40 minutes of yoga, I’ll take the stairs instead of the elevator or park a little further away and walk a little extra. Moderation is key.

I’m a New Yorker so I’m used to walking a ton every day. That’s just what we do.


With your incredibly busy schedule, how do you find the time to cook at home?

My schedule is crazy but I always make it a point to make Bryn a home-cooked meal every day. I started out in catering so cooking is what I enjoy. And I swear, it’s easy…as long as you make it easy. Don’t say you’re going to make beef Wellington and a baked Alaska for a weekday dinner with the hubby—make turkey burgers and 30-minute brownies instead.


What are a few easy tips for gradually moving toward a healthier lifestyle?

The easiest way to start is to get rid of all those processed foods in your kitchen. If it’s not there, you can’t eat it. Fill your fridge with real food instead. If you really need those potato chips, buy chips that are the most natural. (Hint: Check the ingredient list and it’ll be the one with the least ingredients.) If you really need that booze, make a Skinnygirl cocktail so you’re not downing all those calories.


Your life has changed tremendously in a fairly short amount of time. How do you stay so grounded?

Having Bryn and an amazing husband helps. The two of them remind me of what really matters whenever I’m stressed.


How do you balance your professional and personal life and have time to spend quality time with Jason and your daughter Bryn? Do you have tips for busy moms like yourself?

I’ve been so lucky that I’ve been able to create a business for myself on my own terms. Yes, I work insane hours, but I always make time for my daughter. You just have to make it work and rearrange your priorities so that you feel happiest. I have many crazy days but nothing is more important than spending time with Bryn and Jason  I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy but you make time for the things that fulfill you the most.


With all of these extraordinary experiences on your resume, what made you decide to work with OpenSky as your next move?

I love giving women practical solutions that can make their lives a bit easier. It’s like having boozy brunch with my girlfriends and talking out our problems. But OpenSky is a way to bridge that gap between recommending something great and giving my fans a way to actually buy it.


What kinds of products and advice can your fans expect to see you offer on OpenSky?

Well, you definitely won’t get recipes for cardboard chicken. I mean I want you to actually like healthy living. I’m planning on showing you practical products and awesome tips that you can actually use in your day-to-day routine… And some of my Skinnygirl favorites, naturally.


To learn more about Bethenny’s products or information on Open Sky, check out her personalized page here.  

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How They Started

Book Review: How They Started by Carol Tice and David Lester

How They Started

By Carol Tice and David Lester

I often write about my fitness and nutrition mentors on this site, but I have another group of inspiring minds that influence my writing. Carol Tice definitely sits at the top of this list. Carol enthusiastically shares incredible bits of information on how to succeed as a freelance writer on her site Make a Living Writing. Sometimes just a single post or sentence changes the way I think about the writing business. She also offers great courses in the business of freelance writing, writing for magazines, and more.

When Carol sent over an advance copy of How They Started: How 25 Good Ideas Became Great Companies, I couldn’t wait to dig in. If you think these household names and multination corporations strolled down Easy Street to get there, think again. Learn how these ideas went from humble beginnings to product rock stars.


Did you know that Spanx took off after a meeting in the Neiman Marcus bathroom? Or that TripAdvisor successfully launched during the DotCom bust? 

Every product you pick up and service you use started because someone wanted to meet a need. Many of us have great ideas. But how do you turn a good idea into an incredible business?

Authors Carol Tice and David Lester set out to find the answer to this question by researching 25 highly successful products and services—many we use daily—to figure out just what makes them so successful.

In How They Started, Tice and Lester reveal the painstaking process that each entrepreneur went through to grow into a success. From Spanx to Gatorade, each businessperson endured slammed doors, guffaws from investors, sparks of hope, and priceless triumphs before they became household names.

The list of incredible profiles includes greats like Coca-Cola, Twitter, Zynga, Disney, Chipotle Grill, and LinkedIn. From their humble beginnings to major setbacks, Tice and Lester reveal the glamorous and not-so-glamorous feats of starting a business.

Though these mega-success stories all still thrive today, not every entrepreneur was in it for the long haul. Sometimes ‘ideas’ persons don’t translate into strong businesspersons. Every detail in this book unveils the fascinating accounts of how these companies grew from one-room operations to multinational corporations.

I encourage you to read How They Started from cover to cover. Each success story provides a little hope for the entrepreneur at heart and helps us realize that the products we take for granted arrived after hundreds of relentless work ours from those who would do anything to bring their ideas to life.

You can purchase How They Started: How 25 Good Ideas Became Great Companies on or

About the Authors: Carol Tice is a freelance writer with 18 years experience writing in the business world. David Lester is an author and the founder of Startups.


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US flag

My Brother, a Humble Hero

Honoring Heroes Past and Present

My brother and I were never the kids who had a life map. Both of us danced through the years reinventing whom we wanted to be when we grew up. I remember at one point, tucked away high in the mountains outside of Este Park, Colorado where the winters were long and harsh, he dreamed of driving a garbage truck and I wanted more than anything to be a waitress at The Mountaineer Restaurant.

My wish was granted and I spent 6 long years serving food and drinks in the restaurant business—never at The Mountaineer, though. He didn’t drive a garbage truck, but we did at one point work side by side at an Italian joint, he the chef and I the bartender.

We bounced in and out of college, changed jobs often, and even felt a little hopeless at times. But when he announced at age 21 that he was joining the Navy, our family felt a little disheveled.

Looking down the long line of men in our family who served, it seemed to befit his destiny. Our grandfathers and uncles were sailors and war heroes.  It just didn’t seem like something my brother would ever want to do.

He shipped off to basic training in Connecticut, transforming from a directionless young man to a career military. I’ve never seen him fit so neatly into a space that welcomed his brilliance, his work ethic, and his eagerness to please.

If I could describe my brother in a single word, it’s ‘devoted.’ Devoted to friends, family, and now his job. I’ve always admire his quite confidence. His soft footsteps through life and cool demeanor. How he can remain levelheaded even in the most trying situations. That’s probably how he survived growing up with me.

At the time he enlisted, the US was not directly involved in any wars. That eased my mother’s mind a bit, but every mother worries when her child travels a far distance from home into the unknown.

When 911 happened, and then the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions, all we could think about was him. Would he be safe? Would he go to war? Would he return unharmed?

Those were the last thoughts in his head for it was his duty to serve our nation. Being on a submarine, he is never on the front lines, but his job is still intensely demanding. I can’t think of a single profession that requires more skill, more training, and more man-hours than working in the military. He shows up day in and day out, spending long hours, working over time, and giving up his weekends to protect our country.

For 12 years he has ships out on a moments notices and toured around the world, spending months at a time undersea without sun or fresh air. When he’s gone, we don’t know where he is or when he will be back—this leaves us anxious and unsettled as we eagerly await his call.

This past year my brother was promoted to Chief. When I saw him standing tall as he earned his stripes and medals, I was beyond proud. It is truly an honor to call him my brother and I thank every day that men like him put their lives on the line for us.

And it’s not just their physical lives they risk. It’s the birthdays, the holidays, and the anniversaries. The first days of school and the last days of summer. The births of their children and the passing of grandparents. They risk it all and do so with great humility.

This Memorial Day, thank the men and women who serve. Thank the military families who also sacrifice for us. The husbands and wives who watch spouses walk down the airport terminals. The children who kiss their mothers and fathers good-bye. The mothers and fathers who squeeze a little harder as they say farewell to their children going on tour.

The military is not just men and women in uniform. It is all of us. Never forget.




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female doctors with patient

What Rapid Technology Progress Means for Health Care

Guest Post by Amanda Whitman

female doctors with patient

With new technology and the constant online messaging, e-mails, and texts, most of us have experienced some form of communication error through our high-tech devices. Tone can easily be mistaken, when all the other person can see are words. It is also interesting to think about how our computers and smart-phones often edit as we type. A misspelled word could change into an entirely incorrect word. For us, it isn’t typically a huge deal. We are aware of the topic and can usually figure out what our friend meant to say. Now, imagine these slight communication errors could mean if they happened during your medical care. 

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Strong Curves Cover by Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis

Strong Curves Hits the Pre-Sale Market with a Bang

Strong Curves Cover by Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis

As my kids enjoy their first weekend of spring break, I realize that we’ve nearly flown through another school year, leaving only 46 days left of class. Life is so filled with interesting happenings that I pretty much neglect to even look at the calendar date.

That being said, Strong Curves’ publisher brought to my attention two important dates:

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joseph lightfoot

Creating the Bridge Between Lifestyle and Medicine: An interview with Joseph Lightfoot


One glance at his resume and you would think Joseph Lightfoot was standing at the door of retirement. In his final year of medical school, you would also think he has little time to do anything outside of university.

But his fervid spirit dips each individual toe into something spectacular as he sets out to change the way the medical community approaches treatment. 

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Online Training has Taken Off

All I can utter is, “Wow!” I am completely  jazzed by the flood of ladies who are eager to work with me online. What an honor to be in my shoes right now. These are some powerful, gorgeous ladies and I can’t wait to help them achieve their goals. 

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Strong Curves Films a Promotional Video

There is never a dull moment in a writer’s life when working on a big project. Not soon after I made the last correction on our initial draft did I receive a call from our editor with another task. Tuesday night we arranged for photo journalist and documentarian, Tate Zandstra, to fly out from L.A. on Wednesday to finish the remainder of our shots for the instructional portion of the book.

We only wanted the best for you as our readers, so we spent 3 days and a total of 21 hours (give or take) shooting each exercise for the book. The third day with Tate proved to be the most challenging as we ended up back in Phoenix shooting from a garage. Though the equipment was there, the setting and lighting weren’t optimal. 

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Strong Curves in Vegas

We boarded the plane at 6:20 a.m. to head to Vegas for two full days of shooting the instructional portion of Strong Curves. It seems that anyone who has to wake up to an alarm the next day doesn’t sleep very well the night before, and Bret,  photographer Lance Freimuth, and I were no exception to this rule. However, I would like to note that neither gentleman was up at 3:30 to do hair and makeup. Just had to toss that in there.

I think the rush of moving forward with our project kept our energy up for the full eight hours that day, though. We arrived to the studio and started working immediately. It was such a relief to have a photographer who understood exercise. He is a former MMA fighter

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