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Nancy Rose Performance Review and Fitness Clothes Giveaway!

Nancy Rose Performance


Since I train at home, I walk into the garage wearing some unusual outfits (especially when it’s cold outside). When Nancy Rose Performance contacted me regarding their workout clothes, I felt a little tingly. I could actual train in style!

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Real Fitspiration

This article popped up in my Facebook feed earlier this morning on Marianne Kane’s page.

While I am not vehemently against these types of messages, I do see how they can mislead women looking to begin a journey toward better health. Yes, these can inspire. But how real are they? They are photos snagged from the web with transposed messages telling women to suck it up and get with the program.

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Hugely Discounted All-Access Membership for GetGlutes! This Week Only!

From September 1st through the 7th, Get Glutes is offering an all-access membership for $119! This gets you all the great content month in and month out, plus the support from our amazing community and access to your coaches for one low price.

We will keep the all-access membership after the 7th, but the price goes up to $179!

Act fast before the discount goes away.

A quick overview of what you receive:

Act Quickly: Take Advantage of The Get Glutes Workout System for An Insanely Low One-Time Payment of $119! That’s less than half of a 12-month membership!


New Workout Programs: Guaranteed 18-months of workout videos (totally to over 100 workouts). Each month you receive 6 new workouts to help strengthen, shape, and mold the body you’ve always wanted.


Detailed Exercise Videos: Each workout comes with detailed workout video instructions for top fitness experts.


Access to Coaches: Bret, Marianne, and Kellie received hundreds of emails asking for advice each month. Imagine havings these fitness experts right at your fingertips.


Supportive Community: Join a friendly, supportive community working through the same exercise program. Ask questions, track your workouts, and share your progress in our private online community.

Get in on this deal now. The low-low price goes away September 7th and our All Access Membership goes up to $179!


Sign up today!




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We Understand If You Don’t Love Lifting

Two online clients confessed to me the same thing this past week. They both had similar sentiments, beginning with, “I can’t imagine not working with you. I love how my body has transformed and I don’t want to stop training.” Then the expected but happened, “but I don’t like lifting.”

Anyone who wakes with a taste for iron may feel this is an utter strike against all humanity. The benefits of resistance training are numerous and trainers and lifters alike give virtual high-fives to weightlifting whenever possible.

But, it’s not for everyone to enjoy. Neither client said they couldn’t understand nor see the benefits from resistance training. In fact, both showed a great appreciate for how it has improved their lives and physiques, re-assuring me this is not good-bye.

They are just bored out of their skulls from it.

You see memes like this all the time:

cardio run running2

Many lifters will attest that they can’t stand steady-state cardio. They’d rather try to escape a vat of tar than do a long-distance anything. Dull. Mind-numbing. But triathletes and runners couldn’t imagine not spending long bouts on the road/water/treadmill.

As trainers and fellow lifters I think it’s important to step back and really understand why someone who completely gets resistance training from the benefit aspects feels a bit anxious about actually getting out their and pulling heavy iron.

I train at home, so perhaps I can appreciate this a little better. I couldn’t image life without my gym, but it gets a little sad in the garage sometimes. Heck, I don’t even have mirrors. I can’t even watch veins pop out of my forehead while my face turns fifty shades of red as I attempt a new PR. It’s just me and all my thoughts about how badly I need to paint the garage, sweep the floor, and organize the tool chests.

I love lifting, but I can get a little Eeyore-ish at times.

These are a few suggestions that I give to clients who want to lift weights, but also don’t really enjoy it.

Buddy Up. Find a workout partner to keep you company during your sessions. Buddy training is a great motivator because you tend to push your limits much more when you have someone at your side. It’s also a great way to maintain accountability. You may easily let yourself down—skipping a session or cutting out early—but you don’t want to let your workout partner down.

Who to ask: Finding the right workout partner can be tricky. You definitely want someone who is as well versed as you in the activity. You want your partner to enhance your training, and you don’t necessarily want to spend the hour teaching basics.

If you don’t have any friends or neighbors who are at your level in the gym, you can find lots of good resources and support in online communities. Meet-up groups are great, as are fitness sites like Fitocracy where you can form a group in your local area.

Your spouse or significant other is a great option as well. This isn’t always the case, but for the most part spouses work well together in the gym.

Join a sport. Most often what is missed in the weight room is companionship. Another option I always suggest is joining a sport of some kind. Outdoor activities are a great way to meet like-minded fitness enthusiasts. Your local parks and rec, and also sporting goods stores often have classes and group meet-ups posted. Online meet-ups are also available for things such as kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, cycling, rock climbing, and more.

Team sports are another great way to build comradery and meet new friends. Sometimes when you start that fitness journey your friendships change. It’s nice to have people who enjoy being active as a regular part of your life. Most cities have local recreational teams for any sport you can think of: softball, soccer, baseball, Frisbee, rugby, football, basketball, act.

Take a class. Another thing that is missed along with comradery is intensity. Yes, weight lifting can get pretty intense, but sometimes we just want to sweat it out and get our heart pumping. Or perhaps you miss something more relaxing like yoga.

Again, classes are a great way to meet new friends and also stimulate your mind in a different way.

Switch it up. As a trainer it’s important for me to stay in tune with my clients needs. It’s easier to do so with clients that meet weekly, but for online clients communication is key. Sometimes I don’t realize if they are bored or looking for something new unless they voice up. I do weekly check-ins virtually to make sure things are going well. If I sense they are getting a little antsy, I change things up to make it more interesting.

This is something to be cautious about and should be based on the client’s goals. For the most part I work with clients looking for greater health and a better physique. So generally I will add in something more dynamic or rotate their workouts out more frequently. Other clients love their programs so much they have a hard time parting. It’s important to understand my clients needs, and it’s also important to understand how to make it work when you are designing your own plan.

If you feel after three weeks you go to the gym less and less, you may want to change your program every three weeks. If you have a hard time doing the same workout more than once, perhaps writing workouts that follow the same template but use different exercises will work for you.

The most important thing here is to keep things interesting. If you stick to the same program for three months straight, you may end up feeling like you need a straight jacket.

Hire help. Don’t worry; this isn’t where I sell you something. I honestly think hiring a trainer can greatly benefit your interest in weight lifting. You can learn how to properly structure a program and it’s also really nice to have a plan laid out for you.

With my two clients, I feel that if they weren’t under my guidance they probably would have left the gym a long time ago. I can certain say that working with a trainer in person is more motivating than working with someone online. But both are definitely beneficial—even if you only work with a trainer for three or four months.

Many of the coaches and trainers you follow online also hire colleagues to help them. We appreciate the value a good program can bring and also feel that an outside mind can better see how to reach our goals. Yes, even the best trainer can spin her wheels when it comes to her own programming.

You may also benefit from taking a class on weight lifting. Athletic facilities often offer courses that teach lifting without having to sign on with a personal trainer. Learning how to lift properly greatly enhances your experience in the gym– and you may even land a workout partner while you’re there.

Take a break. If it gets the point where you just want to quit, take a break. I don’t suggest leaving resistance training all together (not for selfish reasons, but because it truly benefits you), but you can certainly scale back a bit. Perhaps a bodyweight at-home program is in order. Something that frees up more time and allows you to focus on other activities.

After that break you may feel more revved than ever to get back in the gym. The burnout factor is nothing to be ignored, but it’s also something you can overcome with a little time away.

Hope these are useful tips for trainers and lifters alike. I think it’s very hard to objectively look at disinterest in something you feel so passionately about. It may be easier to relate if you think about an activity you have very little interest in. For me, it’s video games. I couldn’t care less if they existed, but my entire family loves playing them. So, rather than being the grump on the couch who flips through book pages while they all play, I found a game that I can play with them and still enjoy for a short time.


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Round Butt, Rockin’ Body

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


Here is a peek into my latest article on Head over to the site for the full article plus a 4-day workout that you can use for 4-6 weeks. 


No ifs, ands, or buts: If you want a nice butt, you must train for it. If an Olympian wants to be the fastest swimmer, longest jumper, or most precise marksman, she has to train for it. The swimmer isn’t going to swim twice per week, then head over to the archery range a couple times, and follow it up with a few hours of sprint drills. She’s going to swim until mastery is achieved.

The rules are no different when it comes to building a strong, round pair of cheeks. But there’s an additional upside here: Prioritize butt-building—namely getting your glutes beastly strong—and your entire body will look incredible.

For that reason alone, it’s almost your duty to train that booty, and train it well. Here’s how to build stronger glutes and get that desired physique:

Pick Well For Your Posterior ///

Set up your workout regimen to directly correlate with the outcome you want. If you want a better booty—and more important—a better body, you need a program that matches that goal. Sounds simple, but so many workouts performed by women are way off the mark, even when they are designed specifically for women.


Read more and get your free workout...

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kellie davis fitness deadlift

The Trouble with Training at Home

kellie davis fitness deadlift

After five hours of typing, I break to water the garden and tend the chickens. It’s nice to finally venture outside, even if it’s just for chores.  I end up back at my desk, writing a few plans, answering emails, and balancing my budget.

Now 7 hours into my workday, it’s time to take another break before finishing up a few small details and starting my evening chores—oh, and of course dinner needs to get on the stove.

This time the break is for a workout. But I’m not feeling it. You’d think having a nice full gym 10 yards from my desk would be the most glorious site on the planet. At first, it was just that. I’d venture out there multiple times per day, testing new exercises, perfecting ones I’ve done for years.

That got old. I found myself going into the gym less and less frequently. Some weeks I’d make it out there twice, while others I’d get 20 minutes into a workout and hang up the towel.

I thought I was coming up with excuses to be lazy, but that’s just not my personality. When I had a gym membership, I went religiously. There wasn’t a single week where I slacked off.

However, some days I stepped into my garage with dread. What gives?

I finally started putting the pieces together when I talked with some friends and clients who felt the same way. The commonality: we all worked at home or stayed home during the day.

Everything made sense. It wasn’t that we developed an aversion to exercise. We simply missed getting out of the house. The gym was our time away from home. It was our chance to get out in the world and mingle a bit—even if it was just quick nods in the mirror or a hello in the locker room.

We took that away and didn’t replace it with anything else. Now unless it’s an errand, a trip to the school, or a dog walk, the stay at home/train at home group never left the house some days.

The other week I ventured out to the gym to train with my friend. It was the most frustrating experience. Waiting for equipment, not finding what I need, carrying heavy weights all over just to set up supersets.

I missed my home gym.

I was never one to go to the gym and socialize, but I loved training in the presence of others. Something about that competitive drive. It just kicked in when I was there. Not that anyone was competing with me. The onlookers just gave me all the more reason to hit personal records, train a little harder, and add a few more sets.

Plus I was out of the house, darn it.

So what does a girl do when her biggest social event of the week gets canceled?

Ladies, we have to replace it! Plain and simple. Get out of that rut, put a kink in your routine, and find something new.

Take a class, join a meet-up group for a sport or activity you want to try, start a walking group in your neighborhood, or sign up for a competitive event. It doesn’t have to be any life altering, but the only way you’re going to fall in love with the gym again is if you fill that void.

Also, realize the advantage of having a gym at your disposal. Your workouts can be whatever you want. No longer do you have to go in with an hour plan and feel guilty if you didn’t finish it. Some days I just want to work on my squat or deadlift. Other days I grab a jump rope and a kettlebell for a quite conditioning circuit. Having that flexibility is huge because I fit in exercise around my schedule rather than stressing about fitting my life around the gym hours.

I think the biggest challenge about having a home gym is knowing it will be there tomorrow.  Get that thought out of your head. Tomorrow doesn’t exist, so live in the now, get off your seat, and get into the gym. (I tell myself this every day)

I was feeling pretty mediocre about my home gym for a while. I didn’t appreciate the good thing I had. I realized that I had to fill the void and take the initiative to do something social.

And also realize that it didn’t matter whether I banged out an hour-long heavy session or just worked on my deadlift PR. I just had to get out there everyday and work hard.

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kellie davis front squat

Out of the Shadows and Under the Bar

kellie davis front squat

Weightlifting is a craft you work to improve, but will never perfect. That’s what makes it so addicting.

I can see you from the corner of my eye as you glide along the elliptical trainer. You’re curious, no doubt. But something prevents you from wandering out of the cardio section into the weight room.

It’s not your place—a woman’s world, I mean. Sweat pools left behind on benches and racks stacked with bending bars loaded to the max. Tinny cords of Metallica spill from headphones, only to be chorused over by grunts and howls of red-faced men followed by clanks of heavy iron.

Though that space on the other side of the gym seems all too foreign, it somehow appeals to you. Mottled in the wash of heightened testosterone, you see me—and women like me—with quiet persistence moving bars loaded with twice our bodyweight.

You think that could never be you, but your mind plays funny tricks. I know this all too well, because I stood in your place not long ago. I was the woman peering from the aerobic room windows, eyes fixed on those strong ladies who seemed to know exactly what to do in the weight room. I wanted to be out there, not hiding in the back of a choreographed class. Out there, doing what seemed impossible.

Four years ago I wandered into my local gym with a desire to get in shape. Bodyweight lunges killed me and I ran out of breath after a 20-minute workout. I made an effort to show up twice a week to a fitness class. After I spent some time getting to know the other women in the room, I learned a valuable lesson.

Some women were in their third or fourth year of the class, while others where fairly new. The longtime attendees didn’t look that much more in shape than did the ladies who’d only been going for a few short months.

I knew that if I wanted to get in the best shape possible I had to change things up. I couldn’t show up to endless aerobic classes week in and week out expecting better results. The routines grew tiresome. We did the same movements to different songs, and sometimes the music didn’t even change. I craved more than what the instructor had to offer.

After gaining some footing in the fitness room, I ventured out on the open range. Surrounded by plates, dumbbells, and machines, my heart suddenly began palpitating. Intimidated but determined, I made the effort to show up everyday, work hard, and try new things.

I didn’t know how to bench-press, squat with a barbell, nor had I ever heard of a deadlift. Two years later I maxed my deadlift at 275 pounds. This happened not because I suddenly figured it all out in one day. It happened through persistence, a whole lot of trial and error, and consistent progressions over the course of many months. I started at the bottom, plain and simple. There were no shortcuts, no magic bullets, and I am by no means a genetic freak with superior strength.

The key is to start is with your own bodyweight. Master basic movement patterns, get in tune with how your muscles activate, and gain a good understanding on how your body works.

We are often so eager to go big or go home. Resistance training doesn’t work like that. Quality precedes quantity, and weightlifting is no exception to that rule. I want you to go into your new fitness journey with confidence, so I put together this guide to help you get off to the right start.

To read the entire article and receive a two-phase beginner workout program, click here

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30 Day Glute Challenge

Wine Country and the 30-Day Glute Challenge


I just returned from a 2-day excursion to Wine Country for our anniversary. I am far from a wine aficionado. Don’t get me wrong; I certain enjoy a good libation. But give me a $9 bottle of chardonnay and I’m happy.
Nevertheless, this trip was nothing short of spectacular. Napa and Sonoma are such pristine, peaceful places to visit. You really feel like you are in another world when traveling there. Everyone is happy, and possibly drunk. But in a happy way.
Here are some photos from my trip.

Our little retreat

Our little retreat


We stayed at this peaceful wine inn right inside the Napa city limits. It was a former barn and mansion converted into a hotel. The service was wonderful and the setting was very relaxing.

All dolled up for a night out

All dolled up for a night out

Just sharing this in case you were wondering if I ever wore anything other than fitness clothes. I do, when prompted. Otherwise it’s tanks and yoga pants galore!


A little afternoon snack

A little afternoon snack

Pretty much every winery in Napa takes you to a storybook setting. We munched on this afternoon snack on a veranda overlooking the entire city. Each time we visited a new place it seemed like it was the best wine country had to offer. But they were all spectacular.

Yes, I intentionally ate this

Yes, I intentionally ate this

This sounds a little crazy, but I went to this restaurant for these tacos. I read about this place in Sunset magazine. Apparently grasshoppers are only served to those who ask about them. Why did I want to eat bugs? I just find it an interesting cuisine. In several countries all over the world insects are a main protein source. I figure why not try them? I won’t be traveling over seas anytime soon, so I gotta get them where I can.

If you are wondering if I had a little too much wine that day, perhaps. But I actually order the grasshopper tacos completely sober. I would describe grasshoppers as toasted seeds or popcorn. They were actually quite good.


Glute-y, glute-y, glute-y Rockin’!

In addition, Get Glutes has entered its 6th month of training. Our members are doing a spectacular job and we couldn’t be prouder of them. These workouts just get tougher and tougher as the months go by, but our members just keep coming back for more. And their bootyrific results show it! (Did you know you could change any adjective by replacing the beginning of the word with booty?)

However, as coaches we don’t just want our members to reap the benefit of butt-building workouts, so Bret put together this wildly entertaining 30-Day Challenge sure to whip even the fittest booties into better shape.

There are all sorts of fun workout challenges floating around out there. But I don’t think any of them will get your glutes pumped as much as this one. Oh, and did I mention that Bret designed it—so, yeah, it’s a doozy!

I encourage you to take it on if you aren’t using Strong Curves or Get Glutes. We even have a Glute Challenge group rockin’ it out on Fitocracy, so don’t forget to hop over there and see what’s going on.

30 Day Glute Challenge

30 Day Glute Challenge

Don’t forget to torture, errr, I mean encourage your friends to join in the fun by sharing our 30-Day Glute Challenge on the web.

The Logistics

Basically each day you take on the assigned challenge. The goal is to get in the number of reps for each exercise within a 24-hour period. So you don’t necessarily need to do three billion hip thrusts in one sitting. Just get them done in one day. Okay, so we don’t really require three billion— but close to it. I kid, I kid.
Just so you know you’ve been warned: your legs and booty will be sore. And when I say sore, I mean oooooouchie! But in a good way—a booty-growing way.

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Nayad Custom Swimwear Review and Savings!

A few months back, Kate from Nayad Aqua Sports Wear contacted me about her suits. She sent me one of her custom swimwear outfits to test out and I absolutely love it. I am not a big shopper at all, and swimsuit shopping is the pits. Nothing ever fits correctly. So, when Kate told me her suits are made to order, I couldn’t resist accepting her offer.

Sporting my custom Nayad suit

Sporting my custom Nayad suit

The process was seamless, and my suit shipped in no time at all. The best part about Nayad is the suits double as fitness attire. You can work out in these babies! I also love that it’s more ‘mom’ appropriate for this pool parties and beach days, but I don’t feel like I’m wearing mom clothes.

The creation process for each suit is incredible. You have multiple options for tops and bottoms, and an array of colors and patterns to choose from. I really enjoyed going through the process of creating a suit just for me.

I think this apparel is perfect for busy moms who like to spend time outdoors. I can imagine throwing my suit on and heading out for a hike or a swim with my family. I also love training in it during these warm summer months.

As a gift to you, Nayad is offering a 15% discount now through June 15th. Simply add the coupon code “getglutes” to your order and get the savings!

Grab this coupon code for savings!

Grab this coupon code for savings

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yoga lululemon

Best Restorative Yoga Poses (

Feeling a little tight in the hips, hamstrings, low back, or pretty much everywhere? Sitting all day at a desk, lifting weights, and many other daily activities we do puts a lot of stress on our muscles.

Restorative Yoga is a great way to help nurse those muscle back to health, so you can move more freely– or at least a lot less like the Tin Man.

Greatist (yes, I am a huge fan!) put together this awesome tutorial on the best restorative yoga poses. Do these at the end of the day before bed and you will wake up feeling refreshed.

Get health and fitness tips at

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