Guilt-Free Snacks for Your Desk


Even if you make an effort to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, the daytime snacking you do at your desk can sabotage your effort to stay healthy. If you’re strapped for time, you may instinctively go for something quick like the vending machine or leftover stale donuts.

When I taught, I made an effort to keep healthy snacks in my desk and always pack my lunch. On days that I was short on time or low on groceries, I found myself wandering the halls on break sniffing out the nearest junkie treat. Our wonderful cafeteria manager who took great care of the staff would always make coffee and cookies after lunch. They lured me in if I didn’t have something healthy close by.

It’s so much easier to say no thanks to sugary treats or office takeout runs if you have the right tools at your side. I put together this list of my favorite snacks to keep at my desk to help push me through the afternoon on busy days.



Popcorn with almonds

Fruit and cheese

Non-fat Greek yogurt with chia seeds and berries

Celery with almond butter

Bell peppers and hummus

Cottage cheese and melon

Sliced turkey and crackers

Bananas with peanut butter

String cheese with apples

Apples with PB dip

Tuna with sliced tomato and cucumber

Grape tomatoes with tzatziki dip

Fruit salad with apples, oranges, grapes, and sunflower seeds

Beef jerky

Unsweetened apple sauce

Rice cakes with cashew butter and jam

No-Mayo deviled eggs


Oatmeal with walnuts

Guacamole and homemade veggie chips


Next time you head to the store, add some of these high energy, low calorie snack ideas to your list. At the beginning of your workweek, bring enough for each day so that you avoid getting through your afternoon slump but heading for those sugary, high calorie snacks found around the office.


What do you keep at your desk to give you a boost of energy midday? Share below!

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  • Love these ideas! I always have fresh fruit, sunflower seeds, seaweed, coconut milk yogurt, granola, baby carrots, hummus, and flackers at work! Lately i’ve also been obsessed with Raw Revolution bars, especially the Glo bars! You should check them out at they’re so delicious!

  • […] Sources: WikiHow, MotherFitness […]

  • This will sound really boring but I’m fairly much addicted to roasted pumpkin seeds. They are so much like nuts – but apparently better for you and they taste delicious. But thanks for the list – I’m going to use it.

  • This is a great snack list for people who live busy lives. The snacks that I would like to add to my desk would include the celery with almond butter, popcorn with almonds, sliced turkey and crackers. Instead of reaching for the unhealthy kind, we should be consuming snacks that are good for us.

  • Great list! I also like graham crackers with just a little bit of peanut butter to keep me going. I will have to try out some of these though!

  • Thanks for the lists! Can’t wait to try that one! Sounds healthy and delicious!

  • I have some guilt-free snacks in my office drawer, nuts and almonds are my favorite snack buddies :)

  • Ha! That’s funny. Will do. I must have mixed the links up. Thanks for the note. :)

  • Thanks for this list, Kellie! Would you mind updating the link to the PB Dip? It’s currently linked to the no-mayo deviled eggs (which also sound delicious).

  • Yes, great ideas! Hot tea is another great go-to snack. Sometimes I will put unsweetened cocoa powder in my coffee, too. It’s strangely satisfying.

    Oh, and homemade applesauce is the best! I haven’t tried it with dates. Must do!

  • This is my snack list – I also make applesauce and stew the apples with dates – it’s delicious.

    I’m usualy in my car or in my office and that’s both big temptation areas – just pull into xyz and grab a snack – or graze in the kitchen – I pack a bag of food every day, it looks like I’m running away from home – but it has helped me so much.

    Hot tea helps too, there are times when I’m not really hungry hungry just peckish, those are my hot tea times.

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