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On the Move, Mother’s Day, and A Must-Read Debate

texas as state flag

This week is the last week of school for my kids. It seems around this time each year my husband and I look at each other and say, “This year went by fast, didn’t it?” No single year goes by faster than any other, but for some reason it feels like we missed it. Or we enjoyed it so much that time wasn’t an issue.

The last day of school is bitter sweet for my kids. My husband took a job in Houston, Texas and we are relocating in June. We thoroughly enjoy living in Arizona and have wonderful friends who will be missed dearly. But, better opportunities await us in Texas.

So, look out Lone Star State, I’m a’coming!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I hope all my mom readers were spoiled rotten. I also hope you took a little extra time to marvel in how amazing the whole experience of raising children really is.

I went with my family to the Musical Instrument Museum. It was one of the most fascinating places I’d ever been. The museum is massive, with a room for every continent. You are provided with a listening device that kicks on whenever you stand near a display.

I think they have music and instruments from nearly every country on the planet, and offer over 10 hours of video for your viewing and listening pleasure. Each display shows natives from that region playing the instruments you see. We didn’t stay for the whole ten hours, but my husband and I probably would’ve if we were alone.

So, if you are every in Phoenix, this is a must see! How’s that for a plug?

Several months back I forged an alliance with a medical student in the UK, Joe Lightfoot. He recently wrote a post on Tony Gentilcore’s blog, “Just Because a Doctor Said It,” that sparked a debate among doctors who blog.

The whole unraveling of this debate is quite fascinating, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Joe’s Original Post: “Just Because a Doctor Said It”

Response from Dr. Kostevski: “A Doctor’s Response, to a Doctor from a Doctor”

Response from Dr. Clow: “What Should Your Doctor Know?”

I believe this discussion requires voices from all backgrounds, lifestyles, and professions. These doctors have opens up a dialogue and we shouldn’t let it fizzle out.  So, please keep up the momentum in the comments here and on their blogs. I love that these gentlemen are taking this initiative and making the connections with each other that they have.



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  • Thank you for stopping by, Jonathan. I appreciate your candor on this topic as it really hits close to home. Let’s hope this keeps going!

  • Hey Kellie, Thanks for your interest in the article. It certainly did spawn a lot of discussion which really is the point. Health and healthcare are issues which are important to everybody and it is my opinion that there is the need and conditions for our healthcare systems to undergo a transformation that will benefit everybody. At the heart of this transformation is ideas coming from as you say all backgrounds, lifestyles and professions as well as the willingness to listen to each other. I’ve personally been encouraged over the past year or two by the incredible collaboration amongst rehab specialists, trainers, strength and conditioning camps,and other health professionals as they share ideas and information and work together, all towards the common goal of improving outcomes for patients and clients. Thanks again for your post.
    Jonathan Clow DC

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