Love The One You’re With…

love never fails

Put Love In Perspective

This year has been filled with trials and triumphs for many people. Those I care about most trudged through some of the most trying times in their lives. So much so that it was nearly debilitating.

People I love lost their homes, ended their marriages, were laid off from jobs that they held for years, filed for bankruptcy, suffered health issues, and some even lost a loved one.

In the heart of it all, many of my friends witness the birth of a child, a new marriage, and found their dream job.

These experiences, whether you go through them yourself or witness them as a spectator, should change your perspective on life. Don’t just sit back and watch life happen hoping it will all work out.

Create change.

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Homemade Cranberry Relish

fresh cranberries in pot

Fresh cranberries are loaded with phytonutrients

Traditions, traditions. I am huge on creating holiday traditions in my kitchen. My number 1 dish is cranberry relish.

Growing up my family always bought canned cranberries. I never knew how amazing fresh cranberries were until I had my own family and decided to make everything from scratch.

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Perfecting Your Pie Crust

Homemade pie crust

Pie crust is an art

I take pride in holiday cooking, especially my homemade pies. Pie crust is an art that I’ve worked to perfect over the years. My grandmothers both make incredible pie crust and my great-grandmothers were even better masters.

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Part Two: Evolution of a Gym Junkie – How I Learned To Love The Gym Again

Eat like a pig

I pigged out and it showed

In Part One, I gave you bits of my history. Though I was highly active as a kid and through my early 20’s, after my first pregnancy my interest in fitness greatly waned.

I worked in retail when pregnant with my daughter, so the only workouts I got were those in my eight hours shifts of walking around the store. I stopped going to the gym when I found out I was pregnant because, well, quite frankly, I couldn’t keep my head out of the toilet long enough to even think about going to the gym.

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The Skinny On Fats and Which Ones You Need

avocado and olive oil are good fats

Do you get enough healthy fats?

Fats are good for you! Yes, I said it. Healthy oils, nuts, plants, fish, and lean grass fed meats provide you with essential fatty acids necessary for your diet.

The 80’s brought on a low fat craze that seemed to never die out. Now we battle the low carb madness brought to us by diets like Atkin’s and South Beach. With all this confusion about what is making us fat, no wonder as a whole our society is getting fatter.

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Inviting Guest Posts

I love my followers

I love my followers

I love my followers. It is a crowd of highly intelligent fitness enthusiasts who all have incredibly interesting things to say. With that in mind, I would like to invite you to guest post on my blog.

Share your stories, knowledge, and expertise in any fitness/health/family related area. You don’t have to be a professional in the fitness industry. You just have to be willing to share your ideas with the world. If you are a fitness professional, then right on!

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3 Exercises to Build Killer Abs

Build great abs with these 2 moves

Got abs?

The old addage, “abs are made in the kitchen” is partially true. Yes, you need to eat a sound nutritious diet in order to have a rippling washboard reside beneath your shirt. However, you also need to work on your core strength to improve your abs.

Core strength isn’t just about looks. Having a strong core stabilizes and protects your spine. It also improve your posture, better protects your organs, and helps to prevent back pain. And a strong core is pretty sexy too. So, yeah, looks matter.

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The High Price of Eating Well

Spending more on healthy foods can be too much

I had one of those salads yesterday.

The cost of eating healthy is on the rise. My family alone spends anywhere between $200 and $350 a week on groceries. That’s just for a family of four. We eat loads of fresh produce, organic meats and eggs, and raw nuts. You would think they were made out of gold.

On my way to the library tonight I listened to NPR Marketplace. Kai Ryssdal and Adriene Hill addressed the issue of the government’s report on inflation. Food economist with the USDA report that grocery costs could rise as much as 3 percent next year, in part to crop shortages and higher demand.

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Finding Organic Foods In Canada

organic farm do not spray sign

Canadians Go Organic!

After reading my blog  on finding locally grown organic foods, one of my fellow fitness enthusiasts from Canada wanted something similar to Local Harvest for Canada. Ask and you shall receive, Kristine.

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Find Organic Foods Through Local Harvest

Local Harvest offers Thanksgiving Specials

Check out Local Harvest for Thanksgiving specials

If you are looking for fresh local organic foods, look no further than Local Harvest provides you with a host of online stores, farms, farmer’s markets, grocers, co-ops, restaurants, and meet processors in your area.

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