How Does Cardio Fit Into Your Training?

The other day a friend asked me if I could address the topic of high intensity interval training vs. steady state cardio. When I sat down to write this article, I thought about tabling the two for a good comparison.

Paula Radcliffe marathon runner

Would you rather have the body of a marathoner?

But, then I realized what his intentions were and I decided on a different approach. He wanted to know which was better for fat loss. No, he didn’t outright say this, but anyone who is training without a specific sports purpose is performing cardio for fat loss and heart health.

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The Secret To No-Chip Nail Polish

Sally Hansen's Ultimate Shield

This is the ticket to no chip nail polish

I love nail polish. I just never wear it because within 30 minutes of applying, my nails chip. Until now!

I have tried every level of polish on the planet, and learned one thing… It doesn’t matter if you spend 99 cents or 9.99 on a bottle of nail polish. They all chip. And they all chip within in minutes of application.

After learning about  Gel Polish from my friend, I did a little research on it. The plus is that your color stays on for up to 4 weeks without chipping. Excellent!

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Part One: The Evolution of a Gym Junkie-How I Learned To Love The Gym Again

Working out, gym, nutrition

Strength training without nutrition doesn't work

Anyone who know me today can pretty much describe me as always in gym clothes and always ready to take on the world.

But, I wasn’t always this way. In fact, not long ago I had those battles. You know, the ones within yourself that convince you why you shouldn’t go to the gym; or why you should wear sweatpants and not shorty-shorts? Yeah, those ones. They were within me every single day.

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Making Failure An Option

“Humans are fallible.

Everyone is human.

Therefore everyone is fallible.” –  Joel Comm, New York Times Best Selling Author

Failure is part of success

The picture says it all.

I read this quote on Joel’s blog today and it really rang true in my own life… really where I stand right now. Coming off an NPC figure contest that, in my own personal book of personal secrecy, was an epic fail.

Failure is radioactive. It can be rather useful and lifesaving at times. But, in it’s volatile state it can nearly kill you. Or your sense of self, anyway.

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Are You An Emotional Eater?

Does emotional eating control your life?

Stress can trigger bingeing

You’ve had a bad day and suddenly the urge to eat sugary or salt foods is so uncontrollable that you cave into your cravings.

Whether your eating is conscious or unconscious, satisfying emotions through food can completely sabotage your weight-loss efforts. If you are honest with yourself and admit that you are an emotional eater, then you can take steps toward regaining control.

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Post-Competition Reflection

NPC Figure competitor Kellie Davis

Confidence is my award

I am used to subjection. Heck, I have a degree in English, which is likely the most subjective degree on the planet. I take criticism well, never falter if I don’t cross the finish line first, or ever if I cross it dead last.

My competitive nature drives me with a different force than most. I don’t compete with those on the plane; I compete with myself. I want to out-perform, out-last, out-train, and out-do myself at pretty much everything. It doesn’t matter if I am training, or if I am baking a birthday cake. I always strive to beat the odds, reach new personal records, and break boundaries.

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1 Thing You Can Start Doing Today To Boost Your Energy

Start drinking water first thing in the morning

1 Think Will Change Your Life

I am really into Food Matters right now after watching the video the other night. I will have to watch it a few times because it offers so much valuable information. If you haven’t seen it, you can either view it on NetFlix or via the Food Matters website for free.

One thing that David Wolfe said stuck with me and I implemented it immediately the next morning. It is so simple and doesn’t take much thought. Once you start doing it, your energy will instantly increase and you will feel better each morning when you wake. You will also likely start shedding pounds much more easily. Want to know what it is?

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A Birthday Reflection- Creating Change Beyond Your Walls

Challenge to Change

Learning To Think Beyond You

I have never been big on birthdays. At least not my own. I am not one to draw attention to myself or make spectacle about my importance (okay, that statement is sort of a counteractant to the whole blog thing).

Two years ago I learned rather than spending all my energy sending my birthday under the radar, why not turn it into a chance to challenge myself?

I had all these things that I often said I “wanted” to do. I wanted to get in shape again. I wanted to compete figure in the NPC. I wanted to feel energetic and full of vitality.

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Sites and Blogs You’ll Love

Things I Love To Read

I’ve added a new page to my blog titled “Sites and Blogs You’ll Love.” It’s located on the top navigation bar. Here you will find excellent resources that I recommend.

If you have any other sites or blogs that you would like for me to check out and add to my Sites And Blogs You’ll Love page, post them in the comment section below.



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Mother Fitness Brings to You a Subscription Option

Subscribe Today!

I am excited to announce a new feature on Mother Fitness————>

Check out the right sidebar and you will see the subscription text box. Subscribe today and receive your complimentary report titled “10 Tips To Kick Start Your Diet.”

In addition to this free report, I will offer you a bi-weekly newsletter with diet and fitness tips and advice.

I promise this subscription is for your benefit only. I never intend to pass your information along to any other blogger, business, or promoter. This is just a way for me to provide something a little extra to you as a loyal reader.

Hope to see your registration today!



PS- My RSS Feed is on the fritz (likely something I’ve done myself when editing code.) I will get it back up soon. If you want to subscribe, you can click the RSS feed link under each article. The top feed links aren’t working.

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