Keeping It Real: Setting Goals That Work

Woman looking in mirror

Do you set realistic fitness goals?

How many times have you opened a magazine and thought, “Wow, I wish I could look like her.” Our society is overstimulated with beautiful people and it drives us to set unrealistic diet and fitness goals.

I know in my own mind I want obliques like Erin Stern and abs like Ava Cowan. However, genetically I am not built to look like either gorgeous lady. Thus, I have to work on building the best me rather than building a me that looks like someone I’m not.

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Burn More Calories: Cardio With Your Kids

Mom Running with Kids

Get out there and play

If you’re anything like me, the thought of cardio makes you cringe. Every time I step on the treadmill at the gym, I end up staring at someone’s TV in front of me. How can these people watch “Cupcake Wars” and workout?

My favorite kind of cardiovascular exercise is child’s play. There’s nothing like getting out there with my kids and burning some calories. So, strap on your running shoes, and check out what I do to keep up with my kids.

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Manage Your Time Without Time Travel

Women Often Multi-task just get things done.

Are You a Multi-tasker?

I can’t remember the last time I needed an alarm to wake up in the morning. My schedule is so jammed packed that I literally hit the ground running shortly after sunrise (sometimes before).

Managing time is an awkward task for me. I have a desk calendar, a calendar in my phone, one in each of my 4 email accounts, and I still dash around like the clock stopped running and I lost track of time.

No matter who you are or what your schedule looks like, managing time can be difficult. How many times during conversation have you inserted the phrase, “If I only had more time in my day?”

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What I Eat to Stay Fit and Why: Part 2

Healthy eating is a part of my lifestyle.

Add a variety of fresh vegetables to your daily diet.

In the first part of “What I Eat to Stay Fit and Why,” I explained why I eat the way I do. Though the two go hand-in-hand, you really need to be aware of why you put things in your mouth before you actually purchase and prepare them.

So, I answered the question backward. Now, let’s talk about what I eat on a daily basis. I don’t eat the same thing day-in and day-out. However, I have staples in my diet that are consistently stocked in my house. I do mix it up, but I don’t normally veer from these standards.

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What I Eat to Stay Fit and Why: Part 1

Vegetables that Mother Fitness eats

What's in your fridge?

“What do you eat to stay so fit?” I get asked that question nearly every week by a random stranger. Whether I am training for my next competition, or just living life, I always eat the same thing. Yes, this means I have treats when I am in training mode, and I eat clean when I am just living in the moment.

How I maintain my diet really boils down to focus. Every time I head to the grocer, I have my physical and mental state in mind. I think about these questions:

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Join The Mother Fitness Revolution

Women at Mother Fitness are Powerful

You can be busy and be fit.

Dear Superwoman,

Welcome to The Mother Fitness Revolution, a site created to empower women when making healthy lifestyle changes. Not long ago, I embarked on a journey to change my physique, and along the way I learned that these changes had to come from within. Focusing on my body’s exterior soon took the backseat and I began learning how to nourish my body holistically.

Within a few months, I went from being a frumpy mom afraid to wear shorts, to a lean and powerful athlete walking on stage in a tiny bikini in front of a crowd. From then on, I knew I wasn’t living for that moment on stage, I was creating a platform for healthy living.

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