Real Fitspiration

This article popped up in my Facebook feed earlier this morning on Marianne Kane’s page.

While I am not vehemently against these types of messages, I do see how they can mislead women looking to begin a journey toward better health. Yes, these can inspire. But how real are they? They are photos snagged from the web with transposed messages telling women to suck it up and get with the program.


For some, the message works. But what truly goes into being a strong woman? The designation reaches far beyond a pretty photo. It reaches within.

A reader responded to the post on Marianne’s page with this:

“The intelligent women in the fitness industry – and the intelligent men as well – should “get together” and start spreading a really “fit” message [.]”

I figured I’d kick off the realness with a video montage of my training from today. Hopefully it will FITspire you to come up with your own version of true strength.


How do you feel about these fitspiration images? Do they give a true perception of what it means to be fit and healthy? Do they inspire? 


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