Stuck Behind A Desk All Day – 5 Quick Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

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Many people live a very sedentary lifestyle, stemmed from being stuck at our office desks 9-5. Finding time to exercise when you have a full time job isn’t easy especially if you’re trying to balance work with family and having some form of social life. However having a sedentary job doesn’t mean you can’t have a good workout whilst there!

Elastic Band

You may feel as though you have chosen one of the low-end personal training courses available with the equipment brought by the trainer not being quite top-notch. However they work in their own little way, such as a simple elastic band. You can use it when working on your arms, such as a light stretch of your arms above your hand, whilst pulling apart the elastic band from either side, helping to work your muscles.

Hand Gripper

Buy a hand gripper, they are also very cheap and easily tucked away in your office drawer. If you’re undertaking a task that doesn’t require the use of both hands such as reading, then it’s an opportunity to squeeze the gripper and give your forearm a workout.

Stability Ball

Invest in a large stability ball and it can be your new office chair. Through just sitting on it, with the right posture (back straight, abs firm) you’ll burn a considerable amount of calories. It will take some time to get used to and obviously it is a visible option but don’t be ashamed of wanting to keep fit! It’s also one of the most supportive seating you can get to help prevent tendinitis and carpal tunnel.


You can work out your abdominal muscles right from your desk in the form of seated crunches. Simply place your feet flat on the floor, with your knees bent, sat sitting up straight. Place your hands on your lap and slowly push your lower back against the chair whilst tightening your abdominal muscles, release and breathe out and continue this for several repetitions.

Hamstring pull

A hamstring pull helps to stretch your hamstrings, giving you more strength and flexibility. Remain seated with your back and torso aligned. Place the palms of your hands on one of your hamstrings. Lift the other leg towards your stomach, whilst maintaining this bent position. Repeat for several repetitions and then switch to the other leg.

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