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Thanksgiving Portion Guide to Help You Stay on Track

This isn’t going to be a preachy “Put the gravy ladle down and back away from the corn pudding” post. I love food. I love the comfort we find in hearty traditional foods in the cooler months.

And I really love how food can bring family and friends together. I don’t take shortcuts on Thanksgiving. I don’t substitute healthy recipes for those cooked from the lessons learned by my grandmothers.

What’s the fun in that?

A little trick I learned years ago when it comes to holiday eating is that you don’t have to “Just Say No!”, but you can put just enough on your plate to satisfy your palate without bursting any buttons.

I found this great guide that helps you eyeball portions for your Thanksgiving dinner plate. Even though it seems obvious to pig out on such occasion, I find that if I get a bite of everything I am just as satisfied as I am if fill up five plates with the same foods. Actually, I feel a ton better when my belly isn’t ready to explode.

In addition, this is a great guide to help you stick to your nutrition plan during the holidays.

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  • It is tough when goodies linger. I always try to stick with the turkey and veggies and let the other side dishes go to someone else’s plate. Those are my fav things anyway. Then I can sneak a dessert and not worry about it. :)

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you! I don’t know why all my comments keep going to spam. Must investigate. I always tell my clients to trust the process and not to stress. Stress makes everything worse. If you can’t enjoy food, it will work against you for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  • The hardest part for me is the few days after thanksgiving when I feel I have permission to eat and I consciously tell myself no.

  • Love this! Thank you!

  • It’s so simple and helps you realize that you can treat yourself without going overboard. Glad you like it!

  • Kellie, I love your healthy attitude toward food! Stressing out over what we do and don’t eat can be just as harmful to our digestion, metabolism, and peace of mind as a gigantic pig out.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Kellie, I love your healthy attitude toward food. Stressing out about food can be as harmful to our digestion, metabolism, and peace of mind as overstuffing ourselves can be!

  • I love this! What a great little tool for a day that has come to revolve around food.

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