The Fittest Booties Dish Out Fave Jeans Picks

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Question: Why do women  who lift always wear workout clothes?

Answer: Because nothing else fits.

I know, fit girl problems, right? But when Black Eyed Peas asked me what I was going to do with all that junk in my trunk, I honestly did not know the answer.

So, I turned to the fittest butts in the business to give me the scoop on their favorite brands of jeans. Each one of these ladies face the same issues: strong muscular legs and glutes, trim waist, and the need to sit down and stand up without flashing the world or splitting a seam.

I was delighted to share their answers with you!


Jen Sinkler


Jen Sinkler,

Jen Sinkler,


Brand and styleAG Jeans, The Middi Mid-Rise Legging

 Price: $176 online

 Favorite color: Indigo Stone

Why I love them:

1) They’re butt huggers. This is a must — you’re like a walking billboard for hip thrusts.

2) They have a reinforced waistband (this means they won’t stretch out or “quit” on you after one wear (even though I prefer to wash them after every wear, but that’s just me).

3) They’re made in the U.S. of A.


Twitter: @jensinkler
Instagram: jensinkler
Pinterest: jensinkler



Shanna Schad


Shanna Schad, Pineapples and Coconut

Shanna Schad, Pineapples and Coconut

Brand and style, price, and favorite color:

– Buckle – Big Star “Maddie”  Dark Wash $100-$150

– 7 For all Mankind – Dojo – Midnight New York Dark $170

– White House Black Market – Blanc Trouser or Bootcut Jean ( Dark Wash) $80-$100


Why I love them:

Buckle has a HUGE variety in jeans and they come in long and extra-long lengths! Yeah Buckle!!

7 for mankind is a designer brand that all my non lifting skinny friends wear and I thought I would never be able to until I discovered the Dojo. Perfect fit.

I also love white house black market’s jeans. They have stretch and long lengths.

So there ya have it. If you are tall and like to squat and deadlift heavy –these jeans may just work for you too.

Shanna didn’t always love jeans: Jeans. Almost as bad to go shopping for as a bikini. Actually bikini shopping is more fun. Jeans suck. I started lifting super young mostly because I hated my swim coach and he gave us the option to work with a personal trainer instead a couple mornings a week. This was great for me because am club swim practice was 35 min across town and the personal trainer was 5 min away. Made for a much better morning. Except for the fact that this guy thought I had the craziest quads for 14 year old and had me do squats until I literally dropped. 2-3 mornings a week. So I have had BIG legs and booty my whole life because of my early start with squats. Jeans have always been the bane of my existence. Well not really. But skinny girls always looked good in jeans and I never did. At least I thought I didn’t. Anytime I found them to fit my quads they might as well have been maternity jeans they were so big in the waist. Manufacturers make jeans for pregnant spiders. Skinny legs big bellies.

Then there is the height issue. Standing at 5’10” most of which is inseam not only do I have to find jeans to fit my quadzillas but also my length. I might as well just shop at Sally’s big and tall. But those are all “mom jeans” and no one wants to wear those. I envied the girls that fit into designer jeans. Every now and then I attempt to squeeze into the biggest size of Citizens or Joes only to be able to get them barely past my knees. #sadface

A couple years ago I discovered a couple brands that worked well enough. One is a designer brand! (Still the biggest size of it but hey whatever). I figured that wide leg/trouser cut was best for me. I still have the gaposis issue going on with the waistband (Nothing a cute belt cant fix or a trip to a tailor to adjust it without the cost of having custom made jeans).  Plus all of these jeans have what all fit girls need. A little spandex in them so they stretch. No one wants to feel like a stuffed sausage. No one.


Twitter @Pinacocoblog

Facebook Pineapple And Coconut


Marianne Kane


Marianne Kane,

Marianne Kane,

Brand and styleH&M Skinny Low Jeans

Price: £29.99

Favorite color: Dark denim blue

Why I love them: They hug my butt and legs and are forgiving for those with muscles. They stretch and my butt doesn’t spill out when I sit down—allowing me to avoid the shameful builder’s crack.


Marianne Kane lookin' great in her jeans.

Marianne Kane lookin’ great in her jeans.


Twitter: @myomytv
Facebook: myomytv 
Workout Site:

Molly Galbraith


Molly Galbraith,

Molly Galbraith,

Brand and style: Victoria’s Secret, The VS Hipster Flare

Price: $69.50

Favorite color: Well Worn Blue Wash (i.e. distressed)

Why I love them:

As a very tall woman with an athletic build, long legs, a non-existent torso, a smaller waist, and, umm… plentiful hips and booty, jeans shopping has always been my nemesis.  Jeans are always too big in the waist and gape open in the back, they are hard to pull over my hips and thighs, and don’t even get my started on length (or lack thereof).  Most jeans are highwaters on me before I even think about slipping on anything with a heel. :::sigh:::

Molly gets real about jeans: It’s so rare for me to find a pair of jeans that I like, that one of my favorite pairs is a pair I got in 2005!  I would have shown you that pair, but it’s long been discontinued, and unfortunately, I believe my other current fave has been as well, but I found a similar pair.

I get it, I get it.  Skinnies and leggings are all the rage, but I’ll always have a place in my heart for a nice pair of jeans with a decent flare at the bottom.  It’s a classic cut, and very flattering for those of us with plentiful backsides. Like I mentioned, I think my exact pair has been discontinued (dang the skinny jean trend!), but here is a similar pair.  Mine are more flared than this bootcut style, but everything else looks about the same.


Molly showing off her strong legs and glutes.

Molly showing off her strong legs and glutes.





Professional FB





Jen Comas Keck


Jen Comas Keck,

Jen Comas Keck,

Favorite brand and style: Toss up between Citizens of Humanity ‘Thompson’ Skinny jeans (pictured) and Seven for All Mankind ‘Kimmie Contour’ Straightleg

Price: Citizens $198, Sevens $189

Favorite color: medium or dark wash

Why I love them:

My love for denim borders on obsession, as I basically collect designer jeans. I get a ton of wear out of them so I’m not afraid to drop some serious cash.

My favorite cut are skinnies or straight leg, however I hammer my legs in the gym multiple times per week so developed thighs and glutes can make this challenging, but not impossible!

Jen’s top tips: buy jeans with some stretch in them (preferably 7% or more of spandex, lycra, etc) and find an excellent tailor! If you find wonderful jeans in a boot-cut but you want skinny or straight-leg jeans, take them to your tailor and have them skinnified! Works every time!


Jen showing off her curves.

Jen showing off her curves.


Twitter and Instagram: @JenComasKeck


Lori Lindsey



Lori Lindsey: American Soccer Midfielder, Washington Spirit

Lori Lindsey: American Soccer Midfielder, Washington Spirit

Brand and Style: All Saints Ashby Slim Fit

Price: approx $150

Favorite Color: Black

Why I love them:

I love skinny jeans but some brands/styles are difficult to move in do to my muscular legs and butt. These allow for a more breathable fit. I can also dress them up or dress them down.


Lori feelin' fine in her favorite pair.

Lori feelin’ fine in her favorite pair.



Twitter: lorilindsey6

Instagram: lorilindsey6


Alicia Marie


Alicia Marie: Fitness Model and Celebrity

Alicia Marie: Celebrity Fitness Model and Author

Favorite BrandsJBrandRich & SkinnyedysonJoe’sRobyn’s Jean

Price range: $78-$200

Quick note: I caught Alicia the day she returned from an event in Australia and she sent me a quick message about her favorite brands.

Twitter: @AliciaMarieBODY

Facebook: AliciaMarieFitness


What’s the scoop on your jeans? Love ‘em? Have a hard time finding them? Share below! 

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  • My favorite brand is Paige. Their Skyline Skinny and Bootcut fit great. No gaps!

    My blog contains links to other brands and styles that I’ve had success with. Worth checking out if you fall into the “small waist/ bigger thighs and butt” category :)

  • the best jeans that make my butt look great are from DSTLD jeans. the high waisted skinny jeans are my favorite… they lift my booty up and makes it look great!

  • I am surprised no one has mentioned PZI jeans…I live in England and order them from America as they aren’t sold over here.I do powerlifting and these jeans hug my thighs and glutes with no waist gape.I love them.

  • Express! I love their jeggings. They make my butt look awesome :P

  • I’ve finally found my solution to skinny jeans- the Gap 1969 straight leg. Has stretch and they are skinny enough to go in a boot! Yay!

  • Thanks for this! I have been having trouble with jeans for years. I’ve just ended up buying ones that fit my legs and butt and putting darts in the waistband. It looks a bit odd, but there was no other way. All the jeans/trousers that fit my thighs are at least 4-6 inches too big at the waist! #fitgirlproblems :p

  • Sarah, coolest comment ever! Thank you!

  • It’s interesting to me that the women here who balk at paying $50 or more on jeans, then follow up their comment with the name of a store or brand that fits them. Fits. Them.
    Two interrelated yet distinct concepts here.
    I’m going to assume that, because this site is about fitness, everyone here is aware that bodies come in different sizes and people have different goals. So the concept of “them” is covered, in that what works for one woman may not work for another.
    Which brings us to the concept of “fit”. I can DL over 200 lbs, do consecutive double-unders, and my rack position on front squat is the envy of half my gym, but I digress. My point is, I put hard work in at the gym because I value it and I like, no, LOVE it. I leave everyday with a smile on my face. I get a sense of self-worth and confidence that makes me feel invincible.

    And the quickest way to destroy that feeling, to leave me near tears and literally *shaking* with frustration, is to go shopping for clothes.

    I am filled with dread just thinking about it. I guess my point is, I know there are more important things in the world than clothes. I know my money could be spent more wisely. (My own personal atlas stone…a bow and arrows…my 401k…the list is endless.) And I know that I’ve chosen to follow a path that makes my body unique and outside the norms of society (whatever those are!)
    But I refuse to spend hours shopping for clothes, even jeans, to find that elusive pair that actually fits me. I have more important things to do with my time.
    I want to radiate the confidence and strength I gain from my workouts, and I can’t do that if I’m constantly adjusting my jeans and cinching my belt.
    So, if I found a pair of jeans that actually fit-in every area-and is quality-made, then yes, I would pay good money for them. And if my a** looked good in the process, well then, I guess I could learn to live with that.

    Thank you for the suggestions, ladies!

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  • I’m a simple girl that would never spend that kind of money on clothes. LEI fits me perfect. Hip is comfortable, butt is more spacious and the thigh just holds my leg shape perfectly even after a few wears between washes. I can squat and the crack stays hidden too. And they only cost about $25 :)

  • Kellie,
    All the jeans mentioned, save one brand, were outrageously expensive. I would/could NEVER spend $150 on a pair of bluejeans. Anything above $50 is ridiculous. They are bluejeans, fer cryin’ out loud!
    I found that Levi’s 529, Curvy Bootcut, work for my sweet badonkadonk. Also, Levi’s Midrise Skinny jeans also work – just gotta be sure to wear a thong. Another great brand is Bandolinoblu, style Donatella.
    All of them cover my patoot with no gap and can be purchased at Macy’s with buku discounts for cardholders w/coupons. ba-da-bing!

  • I got my jeans at GetWear:
    It’s pretty expensive, but the jeans are custom made exactly by your measurements and design.

  • Jennifer, you can find a lot of designer jeans at your discount stores for super cheap. I recently snagged a pair of Michael Kors jeans retailing at $110 for $39. I agree that I’d rather save my cash and buy jeans from Target. But when I find a good deal I can’t pass it up.

  • In a world of things MUCH more important, I would never in my right mind pay over $40 for my jeans! I have this issue with rear ends myself as I am very fit, but really, there are more important things in the world than making sure your a** looks good in jeans. Just be healthy! Besides, I”ve had plenty of luck at Forever 21! Come on now!

  • Another for Levi’s curve ID, BUT I like the demi curve over bold because the bold doesn’t fit over my calves. They stretch just right and if anything only increase in size enough to fit in a more flattering way. Ive had the low rise boot cut curve ID and theyre amaaazing still.

    I think they have a straight leg style too and I also get in the juniors section at macys

  • Any suggestions on a low-rise straight cut? I have muscular calves that just do not work in a skinny jean.

  • Another vote for Levis bold skinny. The modern rise is a bit too high, but the lower rise fits perfect. Only jeans I own.

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  • […] spannen an den Oberschenkeln oder sie sind am Bauch zu weit. Oder sie stehen an der Hüfte ab. Auf Mother Fitness Revolution stellen 7 wunderschöne und fitte Frauen ihre Lieblingsjeans vor – welche genau für diese […]

  • LOve Old Navy’s Rockstar skinny’s…..they are my faves…….I have to size up but love how they fit and feel!

  • Never heard of this brand. Am definitely going to check them out!

  • Great idea! I am not a huge fan of Old Navy jeans, but these sound great.

  • Ah, that’s the trick. I bought a pair that were my size and now they are a bit too snug. Will take your advice!

  • I purchased some shorts from their and feel the same. Agree that the JR sections are the best. Kohl’s Jr’s has a great selection!

  • I have one bold curves pair and I think they are irregular. Got them at TJ Maxx. I do like them, though.

  • So glad! I actually had another fitness colleague (Cass Forsythe) mention these jeans as well.

  • William Rast are my all-time FAVorites!! They always look awesome on!

  • I usually buy designer jeans (have had luck with Joes, Sevens and even Citizens of Humanity. It just takes trying on a bunch of different sizes and styles. BUT…recently I have been buying the Rockstar Skinny Jeans from Old Navy and they are cheap, comfortable and fit awesome. Try them!

  • Yes, I like my AE jeggings…as comfy as PJ’s!

  • I second the recommendation for Levis bold curve jeans (usually in the tween section you have to go a size up). They also make a “curvy” kind in the women’s section (Macy’s usually has them).

  • Maybe in the US H&M jeans are different because I have had NO luck with anything I’ve tried there. The next time I’m there for tops I’ll try the skinny low to be sure.

    I’ve had the best luck finding affordable jeans in the juniors sections. They are made more for curves and smaller waists. Hopefully the skinny jean trend ends soon because those never fit me.

  • The Gap leggings are another fave of mine. Much cheaper, too.

  • I just bought the bold curve Levi’s – agree they are a perfect fit. I just hope they will stay nice after a wear or two – the salesperson said they may stretch to up to one-two sizes bigger…

  • Levi’s Curve ID skinny bold curve..accomodate thighs, make ass look amazing and no gaping. I can even squat ass to grass in them

  • Oh yea!! I hope you like them, I really do. They also have TONS of skinnys in colors. Really well made jeans.

  • I mentioned Joes but not the cut. I was unsuccessful with the Honey. They are meant for hip-curvy women not booty curvy so there was extra fabric on the sides and very tight on the thigh for me. I have some friends that love joes but they have that more wide hip whereas my issue is the bigger thighs and booty in the back not booty on the sides. Really it all depends on who is trying them on since all of our bodies are different.

  • Some of these are a little too pricey.

  • I’ve been thinking for years that someone should make jeans that are actually shaped like fit women. Maybe I should do it.

  • Thanks so much for this article and for including 3 tall women in the group! Just ordered the jeans Shanna suggested from White House Black Market. I never would have thought to look there for jeans.

  • I must try them!

  • Oh, and I agree that jeggings are the way to go!

  • I’m a big fan of Lucky Brand’s Sofia jean!

  • Hi Bethany! Alicia Marie mentioned Joe’s Jeans. I have two pairs that I purchased off eBay and neither one fit well. The waist was too big. Which style do you like? Perhaps I just snagged the wrong ones.

    Honey Cut! Will have to check those out.

  • I can’t believe no one mentioned Joe’s Jeans in the Honey cut. They’re pretty much made just for a squat booty!

    For skinnies, I actually really like American Eagle’s jeggings. I have to size up in them but the stretch allows everything to fit very comfortably.

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