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I turned 34 a few weeks back. It was one of those, “Oh, shit!” days. Not because I repudiate turning older. It doesn’t bother me. It was more, “Oh, shit. I have to stop doing stuff for one hour today and celebrate me. I’m not sure if I have the time or really even care.”

The time thing is obvious. My daily schedule and to-do list would easily wear out an entire fleet of minions. I wasn’t renouncing my birthday, I just didn’t feel like I was getting older. It was just another day in the year.


Today I came across this post on Momma Be Thy Name. I admire her as a mother and immensely respect her as a blogger. I also know it was more or less an homage of the godawful movie This Is 40, but her words caused an acute brain recoiling much like how my head feels when I hear what a fox actually says. No, not this, this. Okay, both of those sounds hurt my brain.

As the years tick by, it doesn’t mean you have to actually age. Yes, maturity is a good thing. Paying your bills on time, owning a house, waking up every morning so you actually make it work on time bathed, fully dressed, and operational. Cleaning the garbage out of your car, raising healthy, thriving kids so they can go on to pay bills and show up to work on time. Those are all good things.

This blog post makes turning 34 and then 35 seem like you hit a wall and are no longer youthful– and having a cocktail will turn you into a dysfunctional drunkard, or you will react to something daring like an over excited cocker spaniel.  Has our fun button turned into the White House’s red phone?

Here’s a little secret. A red phone never existed. It’s all a myth. So is aging, especially aging prematurely—like at 35. You are in complete control of how you live day to day, and old age isn’t shored in some inescapableness like Alcatraz. And just like Alcatraz the easiest way to get out is to never go there in the first place.

Don’t age. Just simply don’t do it. I’m not out to lunch on this, but if you think I am take a look at

Image: Betty White Hosts Beastly Ball Fundraiser Media PreviewBetty White (age 91)

espnw_diana_nyad_01Diana Nyad ( the 64-year old woman who swam from Cuba to Florida)


twyla tharp gap ad fallTwyla Tharp (still dancing like a queen at age 71).

Consider this my anti-aging campaign. Stop letting time glissade by as you sit trembling on the bench afraid to step out on the ice. Lace up those skates and do something bold even if it means failing—or peeing yourself.

And don’t let that date on your driver’s license mean anything to you. It’s just another day and it will pass by each year. When it passes, have an “Oh, shit!” moment. Not because you’re getting older, but because you didn’t even notice that another year went by.

I actually look forward to 40, and 50, and anything beyond that because as each year passed I accomplish more and have greater experiences.

What I truly look forward to is being ageless.

carmen flex stretch kissing skating2 skipping basketball skater


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  • I love your article and those pictures, so inspiring! I refuse to get old long time ago. Old doesn’t exist in my dictionary. Thank you for sharing it out a smile on my face.

  • Great article! I completely agree with Bob, age is only a number it’s all about how you feel and how you maintain your youth. I love those pictures, one day in the future I want to be the one on the roller-skates ;-)

  • Age is just a number I was once told. I know 40 yr olds that act 10 and 18 yr olds that act 30. I say just enjoy being you

  • Yes! I’ll be turning 65 in January and am planning to live as a fit, active person until AT LEAST 100. So, kudos to you for figuring out this life affirming philosophy at your age! I have some pretty aggressive fitness goals for myself but it’s all do-able. Best wishes to you and happy belated birthday!

  • I’d like to offer different perspective. In life, there is a biologically correct timespan to have kids, for example, or to attract males. If you ignore it, it’s denial. The goals of woman’s life should evolve as well. If you lie to yourself about how you are gonna find this perfect man at 40 and until then you just can party…not gonna happen, he will be attracted to younger women. If you think you can chase career and have kids at 45…not a good idea, nature doesn’t care what lies you keep telling to yourself.
    By all means train, look after yourself, be positive feminine sweetheart, be interesting…but don’t lie to yourself, because your life goals must evolve with age and the women’s sexual marketplace peak is between 18-23 with fast decline after 30. That’s just how it is. Take care of the kids, find interesting hobbies, travel, stay fit, just know which phase you’re in because party days will end. This is not meant to be cruel, waking up one day realizing you were lied to and it’s too late would be cruel. We men are in the same situation, although our “window” is longer, we never experience our twenties with the intensity beautiful girls do. We need to become something first to be really valuable…

  • Belated regards Kellie =)

    I’ll be 37 next birthday (and *almost* a mom if junior stays put until due date) and I have no intention of growing old. I still jump in puddles in my wellies and kick up autumn leaves at every opportunity.

    “We do not stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing”

  • Wow, Kelley, great post! Happy belated Birthday, and I think this is a terrific way to honor the passing of another year. I admit, hitting 40 gave me a passing twinge, but mainly because of some of the expectations that I actually had of what 40 would be. I reevaluated and looked at things I didn’t expect to see as I got older, including the fact that I am becoming fitter. My mom has even been surprised at some of the things her daughter is able to do at 40 that she couldn’t do as a child. Pretty cool!

  • I always thought getting older wouldn’t bother me….it’s just a number and I live with no regrets so I have nothing holding me back, right? I’m 38 now and still feel like I am in my 20s. In my early 30s I felt like I was still 19. I think getting older will feel awesome because I am always pushing myself in the gym…which makes me feel so strong and invincible! and isn’t that how we felt in our 20s?

  • First of all, Happy late Birthday! And second, I wish more people had the attitude you have for getting older. It is truly inspiring.

  • I like the way you are embracing life. It has to be one of the more annoying things people do to get upset over getting older. Especially since so many other lives are cut short. Happy late birthday! Enjoy yourself!

  • This is a very inspiring post. Makes me want to take the time now to make sure I age well. I’ve never been one that is scared of age. I think it is something we all take for granted. Don’t be upset you’re another year older, some never get that privilege.

  • Yep, we are twins! Aren’t they wonderful photos?

  • Thanks, Katy!

  • How wonderful! Love this, Emily.

  • Haha! It must be!

  • Not offended at all and I know you write humor. Just sharing a different perspective. I enjoy reading your posts.

  • Happy birthday, lady! Good to see you are still tickin’ along. I wondered where that ‘red phone’ went, must be under all that garbage in my car….


  • Kellie,
    You inspired me to put together a photo album of some of the beautiful and strong women of my gym who are between the ages of 40 and 75. They are amazing and are my unsung heroes. ;) Even before meeting them, I have never had an issue with getting older. Each year, I age like a fine wine and at 39, I am in the best shape, physically, mentally, emotionally. Thank you for your post. ;) Check out the album on my Facebook page when you get a chance.

  • What an inspiring post! I LOVE the pictures.. they put such a huge smile to my face. Absolutely adorable and inspirational.

  • I didn’t realize that we are the same age! :) I love all of those photos you found! So much joy and life! I’m all for never getting old!!

  • Sorry to have offended here. It’s humor. I write humor. We all joke about getting old. I extended the joke is all.

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