What I Eat to Stay Fit and Why: Part 1

Vegetables that Mother Fitness eats

What's in your fridge?

“What do you eat to stay so fit?” I get asked that question nearly every week by a random stranger. Whether I am training for my next competition, or just living life, I always eat the same thing. Yes, this means I have treats when I am in training mode, and I eat clean when I am just living in the moment.

How I maintain my diet really boils down to focus. Every time I head to the grocer, I have my physical and mental state in mind. I think about these questions:

  • How do I want to feel when I wake up everyday?
  • How well do I want to sleep at night?
  • How much energy do I need to accomplish everything during my day?
  • What kind of mood do I want to be in?
  • How do I want my clothes to fit when I put them on?

Sounds sort of silly to ask myself these things because they seem so obvious. But, when you make a conscious effort to maintain full awareness of your body, that carries over into how you load up your grocery cart. Now, I don’t walk around the farmer’s market and talk to the food. “Hi eggplant! Will you make me feel skinny today?”

However, I view everything in the store as a catalyst leading to the outcome of my overall health. I view processed fatty foods as the martini that did me in. I know if I drink that one martini sitting in front of me, I will regret it the following day. I see junk food in the same way. Sure, that box of Oreo’s will taste good going down. After a couple of cookies, I will feel a sense of satisfaction (the initial buzz). Soon, one thing will lead to another and half a gallon of milk later, I am cookie-wasted and all good feelings are gone.

Just like I outgrew my wild college days of excess, so I outgrew my desire for junk food. I really don’t even miss it. Well, the occasion batch of cookies lures me in, but even those don’t have the same appeal anymore. Why? Because of how I feel after I eat them.

These are the reasons why I eat the way I do to stay fit. Part 2 will explain what I eat every day, and what are the main staples in my diet. Next time you make a trip to the kitchen, or plan a trip to the grocer, keep in mind the questions at the top of the post.

Be fully conscious of the decision you make when nourishing your body. Always maintain that mind/body connection and you will be well on your way to a healthier you.

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