waiting in the rain

When It Pours

waiting in the rain

You had family stay with you for a week. With all the cooking, cleaning, and entertaining your workouts got pushed to the wayside. Then your kids were sick, you’re a/c went out, and your boss asked you to work overtime to finish a project.

All this stress built up over the course of two weeks and once you finally got back in the gym, you tweak your low back during a deadlift.

You can’t win. What started as a little trickle of rain to dampen your plan turned into a category 4 hurricane. Nothing seems to work in your favor and soon what seemed like reachable goals are now laughable. There’s no way in hell you will ever make any progress. Life is too messy. Nothing is going in your favor. You want to just throw your hands up and forget about it.

I don’t blame you. It seems like the world is trying to tell you that you don’t deserve to get in a good workout or eat a healthy diet.

The world wants you to fail. It’s written in your stars.

Or is it?

Are you really making a concerted effort to create these positive habits in your life, or are the excuses too easy to come by?

Think about this for a moment. How many TV shows do you regularly watch? How many online games do you keep up with or magazines do you read each month? Perhaps you enjoy chatting online or talking on the phone several hours a week.

We create these habits in our lives, simple rituals that add a bit of normalcy to our week. Whether it’s catching the Today Show before work or watching The Voice every season. It may be reading the latest issue of People as soon as it arrives in the mail or feeding that ever-present addiction to Candy Crush on Facebook.

Whatever it is, you’ve created a habit in the form of entertainment. It’s your means of escaping just for a brief moment during your week. It helps you unwind.

Now imagine taking that energy, that time commitment and channeling it toward your health. Sounds crazy, I know. But it may be your ticket to staying on track.

We can easily plop on the sofa at the end of the evening and fixate our minds on these arbitrary activities. Television watching, game playing, magazine reading—whatever your guilty pleasure.

What if you took that time and channeled it toward something active? Of course, the last thing you want to do before bed is workout, right? But there are other places in your schedule to fit in exercise.

Something as simple as an evening walk can get you in the right mindset. A ten minute yoga session  or a quick bodyweight circuit. It doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment, and you don’t even have to leave your house for the gym.

When you get in these ruts and feel like everything is working against your goals, most often it’s all in your head. Stop thinking that you have to follow a plan or it’s not going to work.

If you can’t follow your plan, figure out what you can do to supplement until you have time to commit to that plan. If you miss your favorite show, you record it and watch it later. Think of your fitness plan in the same way. If you can’t get to the gym for your lifting session, do something else in its place.

Don’t just sit around feeling defeated. Take action. Be in charge of your own health.

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  • I can relate. I’ve just emerged from a challenging two week period – family visiting, I was sick, end of school, a race. It’s tough!! Training went on anyway, with a few adaptations. When fitness habits are established, family and friends will learn that it’s part of your routine and make room for it and accept it!

  • Thank you <3

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